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Characters Name: Valegor Karyu
Rank: Count
Profession: Blacksmith

Count Valegor Karyu

on Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:25 pm
Count Valegor Karyu


  • Count of Monozukuri, a County with a strong focus on technological research within the King's Duchy of Lorandor.
  • Mayor of The Forge, a city with a strong focus on blacksmithing and metallurgy.
  • One of two founders of The Wyrmberg, a crafting guild dedicated to research and the advancement of technology to produce superior goods.

I'm 29 and live just south of Melbourne. I've played video games all of my life and Chronicles of Elyria sung to me as I read the Kickstarter.
It is, or was the game I have always been waiting for. The depth and complexity, the sheer amount of player customisation, the player driven open world and survival elements... it all draws me in.

I don't always talk in Discord, but I am around to spite always being set to "away".

I pledged myself to the WeaponMaster tier to further my Guild and my ambitions within it.

Outside of that, I love Paintball and generally just work. I am a machine operator producing gluten free cereals for the largest Gluten Free manufacturer in the world (Something I found out recently).

But I'm an open book, so if you have questions, ask away.
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